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VBR is your Kiev one-stop source for electrical products of world's leading manufacturers, including General Electric, Schneider Electric, Omron, ABB. Over many years, we have been among the leading Kiev and Ukrainian distributors of electrical products. We offer lighting switches and outlets, circuit breakers, wires and cables, sensors, encoders and controllers as well as a complete line of electrical products for industrial applications. Any electrical product you buy at VBR - be it a simple wall outlet or high-end industrial PLC - will operate reliably for decades...

About Us

Main Business Lines

Industrial Electrical Controls, Low Voltage Equipment, Industrial Automation, Wiring Devices and Accessories (Wall Switches, Outlets, Boxes, Frames etc.)

Experience & Expertise on Ukrainian and International Markets

Since 1997, VBR, Ltd. has been a leading supplier of imported electrical products to the Ukrainian market and other markets. VBR is an official distributor of the Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, Eaton electrical products and a Ukrainian partner of many other foreign and national manufacturers.

Pricing Strategy, Sales, Delivery

We are always seeking to expand our imported electrical product selection from around the world, bringing the best brands, quality and price to our customers. Our company utilizes the very flexible pricing based on changing supply and demand conditions. Permanent Sales. Free Delivery all over Ukraine. Fast Shipping Service.

Official Distributor

CIRCUTOR Distributor
Дистрибьютор Contrinex
Дистрибьютор eddylab
Дистрибьютор Datalogic - Datasensor
Дистрибьютор ENDA
Дистрибьютор Mersen - Ferraz Shawmut
Дистрибьютор Finder
Дистрибьютор Flexa
Дистрибьютор GEWISS
Дистрибьютор Sick
Дистрибьютор Kiepe Elektrik
Дистрибьютор Kraus & Naimer
Дистрибьютор Leine&Linde
Дистрибьютор Mersen
Дистрибьютор Murr Elekrtonik
Дистрибьютор OEZ
Дистрибьютор Pizzato
Дистрибьютор Schmersal
Дистрибьютор Schneider Electric
Дистрибьютор WayCon
Дистрибьютор WERMA

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If you have any questions, need help, advice of more information, please give us a call from 9-00 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the working days or email us at the address below. All inquaries will get a full and professional response in the shortest possible time.